martes, 19 de agosto de 2008

Para ti ^^

La primera y la última persona, quizá. Tú, que cuidas mis secretos. Tú, que vigilas mis noches. A ti te debo mi cordura en parte, y también múltiples sonrisas. Tú, mi amiga, alguna vez mi novia, pero hoy más que mi hermana.

Yahaira Paredes Alejo, esta pequeña tontería es para ti. Te amo, burguesita :3.

It was a quiet city. Butterflies used to fly alongside bees, every flower seemed to be on its perfect place. The wind used to call ancient names of peace, singing calm melodies to everybody. In that city, a boy named Nathan lived. He was really lively. Everybody loved his company, he was very good at listening to people.

He could always be found at the old theatre, the one in ruins that was hidden among the Hamilton park. Every day and every night, people went to see him. He just sat there, looking at them closely, his light-brown eyes wide open, as he was taking into himself their problems. And everybody felt good after spending some time with him.

But there was a time when Nathan was nowhere to be found. Everyone remembers that day. The whispers of the wind became cold... Birds stopped singing. And a freezing despair crunched the heart of people. It was an ominous day, like something BAD was going to happen.

Indeed, it was a sad day. And something happened at last. A heavy rain fell. The sky was crying... The clouds turned gray, as the angels kept crying and letting rain fall to the thirsty ground. What was happening? What did they do wrong? Everyone was asking theirselves the same questions.

Suddendly, a quiet voice sounded among the mist. A sweet voice, like a siren's song. And a little girl, dressed in a very poor way, entered the city. Nobody knew her. When she reached the theatre - she headed to it as soon as she entered the city - she started calling Nathan's name, screaming.

Nobody answered.

"Nathan! Nathan! Please stop playing!" she answered. Everyone was gathering in the theatre, as if they were waiting for him to come back, as if he could stop the rain. The trees were moved by the wild winds, as if the gods were unleashing their fury in that beautiful city.

...People started giving out hope. They searched in their hearts for it, but nobody found it. The girl was crying, too. Everyone seemed desperate...

...A deep, clear voice moved the ears of everyone. The voice of a single child.

It was Nathan, singing happily as he was coming back.

And, oh Lord, the storm subsided quietly, and the heavens stopped their laments. Who was that boy? What were his powers?

Nathan looked at everyone. Every single person. He just nooded, and said, in a very quiet and sad voice: "...You don't need me. You need to have hope... You have everything. A beautiful city, the songs of birds, the gift of life. Why can't you believe?"

Nobody found the answer for that.

And Nathan shed a little tear. He looked sad. He said "I'm leaving... I tried to teach you to believe..."

But the little girl hugged him. "Nathan... Brother. I've been searching for you all over... Perhaps both of us together... Maybe we can teach them! Or... Are you going to lose faith in them?"

Nathan remained silent. If he left, he'd be doing the same thing as them. So... He looked all around, and then he closed his eyes. Everyone was expecting his answer.

The boy just sat down. Carefully he took a flute. The one he carved himself with the wood of an ancient tree. And he began to play...

That beautiful melody soothed the heart of people. Everyone began to smile. And to fall drowsy. And Nathan kept playing and playing... Forever, never losing hope...

That's why, if you listen closely to the wind, it whispers to your ear an unknown song, and brings hope if you have faith...

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Yahaira dijo...

Pues yo ya lo leí antes que todos ustedes o_ó *Privilegiada on*. Gracias Hazzito u_u Por todo todo TODO ^^. Y ya sabes lo que opiné del escrito pero lo repito. Me EN-CAN-TÓ! (aprendí a silabacear xDD) Gracias por aconsejarme y apoyarme cuando más lo he necesitado, regañarme cuando lo amerito, u//u Y decirme una que otra cosita no apta para menores de 18. Por eso y más, TE AMO!