viernes, 8 de febrero de 2008


Where you ever close enough
To say we had each other?

'Tis story, long unknown
By the Goddess that shines upon us
A beautiful embrace of cold feelings
Giving me endless sadness in your freezing hope.

My soul reaps through the fields
Those beautiful blossoms of Winter glory;
Asking everyone for a way to be blessed
With the elegy born inside your story.
If I get lost trying, please, my darling,
Forget everything about these words.

I won't ask again who loved more.
But I know...
The one who really fought
Is dying now,
sleeping quietly under the sun.

Give me a chance to shoot you.
I would like to erase my pain
By erasing your very existence.
Damn you, the time you crossed my way.
Curse all the times we’ve been together.
Please let me get lost in the past,
Apologize for all the ways I never kissed you.
Take my heart away. Die, my darling.
Let me take into my eyes your deepest sorrow.
All lost times, the silence we shared
A guitar cries for you, although it’s not my voice.
There is a melody flowing thru my veins.
I cannot recognize those truly sad notes.
But it’s like a cradle that is rocking my dreams,
Trying to get asleep my senses to let me forget.
To die, to reborn. To fight against myself
And to drop my weapons and surrender to your love.
Lost chance, a battle unfinished, my words
Caressing the deepest of your ocean soul.
Everything I said, it is almost done.
Except for those things I promised each night
When your kisses called me back from beyond.
Do you feel the same, this urge for more pain
That moves the very core of my broken heart?
This time, we said “Goodbye, my darling”.
Next night, it will be “I’ll kill you, my love”.
I’d better go. If I stay a bit more
I am sure I will devour your corpse.

Fill the void with pain.
I can still feel my limbs
Silently screaming.

A little whisper - a soul?
Maybe it is my spirit calling
far from beyond the atmosphere.

This feeling of sorrow
I can't live without.
A dying wish, I want to be seen.

Can you hear me
Crying in this room?
Dreaming for your touch
And the wisdom of your love...

Can my words reach
Your distant skies?

I'm looking for the flowers hidden among death...
Can you show me one, a dying rose?
Or maybe some morbid white butterflies?
A pink carnation, symbol of love,
Covered by autumn-like poems of despair.
Every single thing that my lungs burst
Has a deep feeling, a very old cry.
And every flower, growing in warm blood
Carries my sins as a beautiful lie.

I'm searching among corpses, wishing for you
Are those your eyes? I see two diamonds
Covered with soil and ashes.
They look at me. I feel honored
For being watched once again...
When you promised you'll never look this way.
Feel my thorns, oh, weeping beauty,
Take into your chest my deepest fears;
Cut out these flowers, which grow in my tomb.
A sacred place in which I hide my thoughts.

Cold embraces all my feelings.
Are you trying to feel my fear?
Walking through a negation of time, carrying a rose
In my bare, bleeding right hand.
Until the last drop is swallowed by the ocean
I shall sing, and keep looking for everything
That you took in your arms when you died.

...Some laments... In English this time.

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